Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Platinum Wellness Center?

Because you deserve a better quality of healthcare! Platinum Wellness Center is a result driven functional medicine practice. Ultimately, patient results are our primary focus. We are an honest and ethical healthcare team that goes above and beyond for each patient.  You deserve to be treated by a team that truly gets to know each and every one of their patients and it needs to be affordable! We provide our patients a caring, no nonsense approach to healthcare by contracting with you, the patient, not your insurance companies. By cutting out the insurance companies, you as the patient are in charge of your health care. You and your healthcare provider are the ones that make your healthcare decisions with no middlemen. 

How does it work?

Since Platinum Wellness Center has evolved more into a health and wellness center over the past four years, members pay a low, monthly membership fee for usually $100. This fee covers unlimited, 24/7 access to impeccable care, same day and next day appointments, little to no wait time, contracted wholesale labs and radiology fees, and free in-house pharmaceuticals when needed. Small in-house surgical procedures are included free with the membership as well. 

Does Platinum Wellness Center accept Health Insurance?

No, we forego insurance payments in order to save our patients from the arbitrary, intrusive decisions from third-party payers and to save you money. In other words, not accepting insurance allows you as the patient to be in charge of your healthcare and make your own decisions along with your healthcare provider. Statistically, this saves a significant amount of money annually. However, we do recommend you carry a major medical or catastrophic health insurance policy. This is usually at about a 50% cost reduction compared to your normal medical healthcare plans.

How long will I have to wait?

At Platinum Wellness Center, you will always have little to no wait time. This is something we are very proud of. You will rarely see sick people in our waiting room. We focus more on value than volume. We see 8-10 patients per day, which are strategically scheduled to cut down on illness exposure and provide impeccable care to our members without the restrictive time-based visits in a normal doctor's office.

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