At Platinum Wellness Center, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized medical care with the most cutting edge technologies available. By continuously evaluating and upgrading our services, we ensure that all patients receive the best treatment for their needs. Schedule an appointment today to learn more.

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Platinum Wellness Center has really grown through the years. Not only have we moved to a new location, but we have acquired more knowledge and treatment opportunities just for our patients! Click here to see a few of the things we offer in 2020!

Many Additional Treatments Available to Fit You and Your Health Needs!

Our downstairs clinic thrives with many well known treatment modalities that have been used for years. We now have even more to offer our patients! Ionic footbath, massage therapy, PEMF therapy, NIR light therapy, and many more! Whether you are seeking a new form of healthcare or just need a relaxing few hours, we have something for you!

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NAD+ Infusion Therapy

Are you interested in anti-aging therapies? Maybe you just need a more focused, clear mind? Platinum Wellness Center now offers NAD+ Therapy to members. The closest we can get to the Fountain of Youth! Click the button below to learn more!









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