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Jamey Hagan, MSN, FNP-C

CEO of Platinum Wellness Center

Jamey is Board Certified in Family Practice by AANP and is licensed by the state of Tennessee to provide primary healthcare to people of all ages. He began his career in health care by working in the emergency department of a small community hospital in his hometown of Lawrenceburg, TN when he was only 17 years old.  In addition to his vast clinical experience, he also had a rare opportunity to complete a fellowship in functional medicine with one of the world’s leading Functional Medicine Physicians. This is where he started to realize how broken our healthcare system was.  In this realm of medicine, he realized that you can actually heal someone without throwing a pill at every little symptom. He learned how to fix the underlying cause of different disease processes that actually benefit the patients and not the pharmaceutical companies. He used his experience in functional medicine as a guide to setting up the structure of Platinum Healthcare where they are “opening the door to the future of healthcare.”


Clinical Supervisor

Sam is our Certified Electro-dermal Stress Analysis Technician.  His more than 10 years healthcare experience has been gained mostly in a hospital setting where he was a manager and served on various committees to improve the safety and welfare of patients.  Sam has also been a local church pastor for over 21 years as well as holding a Bachelor’s degree and Doctorate of Divinity.  Sam possesses a fervent desire to help acting-out teenagers! He worked with over 300 troubled adolescents as a counselor, guiding them through addiction, abuse, and abandonment issues.

Esther Dahnke, RN

Registered Nurse

Esther has been an RN since 1960.  She graduated from Bronson Methodist Hospital School of Nursing, Western Michigan College in Kalamazoo Michigan and the University of Connecticut.

Most of Esther’s experience has been in the operating room setting.  She has also been employed in a School for Cerebral Palsied Children, Office Nursing and Home Health Care.  Her experience has spanned over 50 years. Recently Esther and her husband became members at Platinum Healthcare.  She was impressed with the functional medicine and the results she saw.  Esther began working at Platinum Healthcare part-time and is happy to be a part of the mission and results we see here.

Kevin Alexander

Medical Assistant

Kevin is originally from Hutchison, Kansas. As an adult he relocated to Oklahoma City Oklahoma.  He started out in early adulthood as a carpenter/cabinet builder. He and his brother built a successful cabinetry business that provided services for several elite communities in Oklahoma. Having spent most of his life in Oklahoma, it was definitely a transition moving to Tennessee 7 years ago. He came to Tennessee with the idea of retiring until the good Lord allowed him to cross paths with Platinum Wellness Center. This is where he and his wife were 1st introduced to the idea of finding the “root” cause of disease which some may know as “functional medicine.” Kevin has seen first-hand the improvements in his wife’s health status, and he quickly became a believer in natural health. The good Lord has opened a whole new chapter to his life. He is very excited to be a part of something wonderful like Platinum Wellness Center. May God grant me the opportunity to help and love all who walk through Platinum Wellness Center’s doors, as we truly are “opening the door to the future of healthcare.”

Brilye Speegle


Due to having a brother with a severe spinal problem, Brilye has a deep passion to help those in need of proper healthcare. Brilye recently completed a certificate in Phlebotomy and is a Medical Assistant. She is eager to continue her education in the medical field. She would like to add R.N. and Midwife to her list of titles. Growing up on a family farm gave her a clear understanding of the importance of good nutrition and diet. She grew up learning to harvest and process most of her families food. Brilye is always willing to lend a hand and is ready for whatever comes her way!

Sydney Williams

Office Assistant

Biography coming soon!

Payton Hall

Medical Assistant

Payton graduated from Giles County High School in 2017. While in school, he was a member of the Varsity Basketball, Football, and Track Team. He also spent a year playing collegiate football for Trinity International University which is in Deerfield, Illinois while also majoring in Psychology. He plans to further his education once he gets a more definitive direction. Being involved in sports his entire life has put him in the position to step up as a leader in numerous occasions. Sports has also taught him the concept of being a team player and being able to be a coachable player. When he was first introduced to Platinum Wellness, he noticed the loving environment and how well everyone worked together to get people well. After seeing how much the Platinum Wellness team cares about each other, and also about each one of their patients, Payton knew it would be a perfect fit for him. 

Kay Alexander

Support Staff

Kay is originally from Oklahoma City Oklahoma. Married to Kevin Alexander, they moved here roughly 7 years ago from Oklahoma. Kay hopes that her story will resonate with many others. She grew up in a culture of fast food and hard candies. Primarily, her choice of a meal would have been anything sweet. Unfortunately, this way of life led her down the road to diabetes. She also grew up on a farm in which she had many exposures to chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers. Having diabetes and other neurological symptoms this led to frequent doctors’ visits and frequent pharmaceuticals. None of which recognized the underlying causes. In other words, the doctors just wanted to manage her conditions. When she was first introduced to Platinum Wellness Center, she was confronted with discovering the root cause of her illnesses. From her first week of treatment she had quickly seen a difference neurologically. She is still actively receiving treatment and is now finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It is nice to be part of a Christian organization that actually cares about people. She and her husband definitely feel that they are in the right place!

Angel Hunt

Business Manager

Biography coming soon!

Emmaleigh Smith

Medical Assistant

Biography coming soon!

McKayleh Tukua

Medical Assistant

Biography coming soon!

Mallory Phillips

Office Manager

Mallory starting pursuing an education in Natural Healthcare by apprenticing as a Midwife, at the age of 15. The years of experience encouraged her to be preventative instead of reactive. After stepping away from her apprenticeship for a short time, it did not take her long to realize that healthcare was the place for her! Mallory has been happily married to Jason for 10 years now, and they cannot wait to see where their life takes them.

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